Stuff I Need

On your first day please bring with you all of the following items:-

  • Photocopies of your GCSE Certificates and any Engineering Qualification Certificates e.g. PEO Units, BTEC etc
  • Scientific calculator- a Casio fx83es or equivalent will be suitable
  • Ruler, protractor, set square
  • Lever Arch Folder, A4 pad of paper, pens, pencil and eraser
  • A padlock for your personal locker- this must be 6-8mm diameter bar standard padlock
  • Safety boots, safety glasses and overalls as provided by your employer. (If you have not received these items, contact your employer before you start at GET)
  • If you are intending on cycling to GET please make sure you bring a bicycle lock

  • Parking will be charged at £1 per day however this will be free for the first week and arrangements for the remainder of the year will be explained to you during induction.

    Please be aware there are no canteen facilities however we do provide hot + cold drinks and snack machines.