An Engineers Salary: A Round Up

If you’re currently taking part in an engineering apprenticeship, or are looking to get into one, it’s likely you’re wondering what your salary may be like once you’ve got that qualification.

A graduate engineer, or someone who enters work after completing a level 3 apprenticeship, could expect to earn around £26,000 as a starting salary. There is a large variation in salaries when compared between different sectors of engineering, though typical earnings for incorporated and chartered engineers are around between £43,000 and £55,000.

With a higher than average starting salary, engineering is becoming an increasingly popular career path thanks to the desirable earnings. Though this depends hugely on independent sectors and employers, as those working in industries like Investment Banking and Law are going to make on average over 50% more as a starting salary when compared to those working in the Public sector.

A development survey conducted by AGR in 2016 suggested that the average progression for salaries after three years sat at around 15%, proving a good increase for those looking to improve further in their career at a steady pace.

The same survey showed that chartered and incorporated engineers can expect an average salary of £63,000, though around 14% of workers earned more than £100,000 every year. It also found that this had increased by £13,000 from 2010, showing the progression in pay rises in six years increased dramatically.

Depending on both sector and employer, you’re likely to receive a satisfying starting wage as an engineer. The average income for engineers educated at a higher education level was £56,000, whereas those who entered the industry without higher education qualifications was still better than average at a median of £42,745.

If you’re looking to pursue a career in engineering, whether it be mechanical, electrical, maintenance, welding or fabrication, an apprenticeship could be the right choice for you. We have a number of current vacancies available from fantastic employers, helping to propel you into an engineering career of your choice.

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