About Apprenticeships


Apprenticeships give young people the opportunity to earn whilst they learn, in a real job, with real qualifications and a real start to a career in engineering.

They provide real, measurable business benefits for employers, bringing productive, enthusiastic and loyal people into your organisation and demonstrating your commitment to investing in your people to customers and suppliers.

Whether you're a large corporate or a small to medium sized business, we offer employers bespoke solutions that make it easy to recruit and train the right calibre of apprentice for your business. Our innovative solutions and flexible training programmes equip employers of all sizes with the skills their businesses need for future growth and competitiveness.

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GET's role is important to the success of the Apprenticeship and our performance is closely monitored by the Skills Funding Agency and Ofsted.
We are responsible for:

  • planning & developing a training and learning plan for the Apprentice
  • administration & managing assessments and drawing up agreements between the young person, the organisation and themselves
  • ensuring national quality standards are met
  • delivering an integrated programme & bringing together the various elements of a Apprenticeship to deliver a coherent and integrated programme
  • claiming completion certificates & making arrangements for obtaining completion certificates for Apprentices who successfully complete the programme.

Find out about the role of an employer and our partnership with you. Hear what other employers have to say about our apprenticeships.


As an employer your responsibilities include:

  • on-the-job training & inducting the apprentice into their role and providing on-the-job training opportunities and adequate guidance and supervision as and when required
  • salary & paying the apprentice the correct wage as a full time employee. You can negotiate a salary that reflects their skills, experience, age, abilities and the going rate for the job
  • recruitment & taking an active part in the recruitment of the apprentice (in partnership with Gloucestershire Engineering Training)
  • time for learning & giving apprentices enough time and resources for training and assessment commitments
  • review & contributing to the regular review of the apprentices progress during both on and off-the-job training
  • health and safety & as with all your employees, you are responsible for the safeguarding, health, safety, welfare and equality of opportunity of your apprentices

Find out what other employers have to say about our apprenticeships.


The Skills Funding Agency is the government agency charged with raising the level of skills, knowledge and understanding of young people and adults to world-class standards. It is this agency from who Gloucestershire Engineering Training claim their government funding. For more information about apprenticeships and The Skills Funding Agency please contact us on info@get-trained.org.


Employers, Gloucestershire Engineering Training and Apprentices work in partnership. Together we decide how the partnership will work best for you as an employer and the young person as a learner.

Together we will:

  • support your business with the recruitment process (including Occupational Initial Assessment)
  • negotiate which Apprenticeship pathway is appropriate for your business and the young person
  • administer all paperwork required by the Skills Funding Agency
  • deliver standard underpinning foundation training to equip the young people with the necessary skills and disciplines required in the workplace
  • negotiate appropriate units of the NVQ which is carried out in the workplace
  • communicate continuously regarding the young person’s progress towards completion of the framework
  • embed the correct work ethic and behaviors required for the workplace

Together we can help you develop employees with the skills and experience you need.

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