5 Reasons to Hire an Apprentice in your Business

It is without doubt that an apprenticeship is hugely beneficial to school leavers and young people, but there are also many benefits for employers.

Whether you are a large or smaller firm, many companies have reaped the rewards of hiring apprenticeships, and they are quickly becoming a recruitment option for employers. If you’re still unsure about hiring apprenticeships in your business, here are five reasons why you should.

They’re Government Funded

Some companies aren’t aware that apprenticeships are government funded, meaning you won’t have to fork out on training funds. The government will pay for all, or some, of the training involved. What they pay depends on the age of the apprentice you hire. Hiring an apprentice is a budget-friendly way to hire new employees whilst keeping costs low.

Training is Simple

An apprentices training is handled by an external provider who can offer structured work that is relevant to the industry. All apprentices will learn their core skills including maths, English and ICT, if relevant, up to a required level and will gain nationally recognised qualifications. All hands-on training and wok is commenced in the workplace alongside other full-time employees.

Find the Best Talent

Young people who opt for apprenticeships after their education are often looking for an alternative to university. This means your business has the chance to find some of the countries best young talent. Research has previously shown that since apprentices feel like valued members of the team, they can help to build a strong and loyal work ethic within your company.

It’s Ethical

Offering apprenticeships to young people is ethical because you’ll be doing your bit to fight youth employment issues in the UK. Your business will be helping to create a skilled workforce that will be at the forefront of our future, not to mention benefiting your company in the process. Research has suggested that consumers prefer to do business with companies that demonstrate corporate social responsibility through hiring apprentices.

New Ideas & Solutions

Apprentices earn whilst they learn, meaning they are, for the most part, very keen to learn and succeed in the industry. This means that they can provide new, exciting and advanced solutions to issues that have been present in the company for a while. It’s vital to remember that apprentices are coming to learn new skills and progress in their career, whilst benefiting your company in the process.

At GET, we provide work-based learning to apprenticeships in the engineering industry. We strongly encourage involvement from the employer throughout the apprenticeships training. If you’re interested in hiring an apprentice in your company, you can contact us today by giving us a call on 01452 423461 or via our contact page.