5 Reasons to Opt for An Apprenticeship Over University

Once you finish school it can be tough to know how to continue your academic journey- you might not even be certain of what your options are. Many decide that their careers would be better prepared for at university, but is this always the case?

Here’s five reasons why you should seriously consider an apprenticeship over a university degree.

1 Career Choice

Some lines of work prefer you to have carried out an apprenticeship rather than a degree. If your looking to get into fields such as engineering, construction or steel work they will require you to begin with an apprenticeship to learn the trade.

2 Finance

Where a university degree must be paid back over time, the Government will fund your apprenticeship so you don’t need to worry about taking on a huge loan after studying.

3 Time

An apprenticeship often varies in length. While some can take as many as six years to complete, others can take as little as one. You could be qualified for the job you want in less than three years and begin immediately.

4 Business Relationships

While University often takes you out of the loop for a while as you work on completing your studies, apprenticeships can be great for networking with future colleagues and business associates. You can build relationships with the companies you’re aiming to work with while you’re studying.

5 Future Is Bright

Statistically, apprenticeships pay off in the long term as opposed to a degree. Those who complete apprenticeships are more likely to earn more in the future than those that don’t.

Before you make a long-lasting decision about your future, it’s important to consider all the options. To learn more about what kind of apprenticeships GET can offer, visit our Apprenticeships page or call us on 01452 423461.