5 Reasons why an Apprenticeship is the Right Choice for you

As a young person, working out what steps to take for your career can be a big choice as you think about what you enjoy doing and what you’re good at. Furthermore, choosing the path you take after education is even more important. We’ve outlined some of the main reasons why you might want to consider an apprenticeship to positively impact your career and professional development.

1. Learning on the Job

A huge difference between an apprenticeship and an academic route is the chance to build real, hands-on experience in your chosen industry. Having the ability to gain these skills within a working environment will really set you apart from any competition when it comes to finding a job. Experience is highly sought after when compared to qualifications.

2. Earn whilst you learn

Being an apprentice means you will be earning a wage whilst learning and building up your industry skills. The amount your salary accounts to will depend on a number of factors like your age and the business itself. With university comes huge amounts of debt which you’ll also be able to avoid with an apprenticeship scheme.

3. Get your foot in the door

As an apprentice, you’ll be able to start climbing the career ladder whilst gaining your qualifications, meaning you’ll have another opportunity to be ahead of your competition in college or university. Many apprentices are able to build up real rapports with their employers, meaning there is huge potential of becoming a full-time employee once the scheme is over.

4. Real Qualifications

Even though you’ll be working for a business in the area of your choice, you’ll still be earning the key qualifications sought after by employers, despite not continuing your education at a university or college. Doing an apprenticeship means you’ll have rock hard evidence to prove your skills in the industry, all of which will be shown on your CV to help your career flourish.

5. Networking

Working as an apprenticeship allows you to meet a whole host of people that have relevant connections to your industry, both through the business itself as well as training and other apprentices. Developing relationships within the industry is a huge benefit and can prove useful when going forward with your career.

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