5 Tools You'll Use On Your Engineering Apprenticeship

When it comes to your engineering apprenticeship, there will always be essential everyday tools you will use to be able to complete your job. You can buy one of the fanciest toolkits on the market, but if you don’t have any of the following, few of those tools will be much use.


Every good auto engineer needs a wrench, preferably a large selection of them to loosen a lot of bolts of different sizes. They are incredibly useful for any task that requires you to grip something and undo it with a bit of elbow grease.

Wrenches come in all shapes and sizes as they all have a specific purpose, but if you buy a decent set of them you should get all the specimens you need to perform a variety of tasks. These include a ratchet wrench, box-end wrench, open-end wrench, and adjustable wrench.


Whether it’s a hydraulic jack, scissor jack, or piston jack, you will need one (or several) in order to lift up heavy objects and work underneath them. Jacks also hold these objects in place, making it great for anyone who wants to tinker with their car but also an essential tool for an auto engineer.

Jumper Cables

In many cases, you will be working with car batteries and sometimes those car batteries need a bit of encouragement. Jumper cables will be a handy tool to help you in kickstarting a troublesome engine. The better quality ones tend to have better insulation, longer cable length and can handle bigger batteries.


A simple torch or mechanic’s light is invaluable to any auto engineer, especially in those hard-to-reach places where there isn’t a lot of light. They come in all shapes and sizes but a high wattage metal torch is well worth the investment. No engineer should be without one.


Aside from wrenches, pliers are perhaps the most essential tool in any engineer’s arsenal. They are excellent for plying (manipulating) something, so if you want to bend or grip things, they’re the go-to tool for the job.

Again, like many other tools, they come in all shapes and sizes and serve different functions, but if you get a good set you will most likely cover all bases.

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