When you think of an engineer, the picture that comes to mind might be of someone carrying a large toolbox full of gear. In fact, there are five tools in particular that every engineer usually has handy.

Can you guess all five before you read on?

1 Gloves

An engineer just doesn’t need to keep his or her hands warm- they also need to protect their hands from any potential damage. For safety and hygiene reasons, most engineers keep a nice pair of gloves on them at all times.


PPE stands for personal protective equipment. Every engineer needs to protect themselves at all times whilst on site. PPE could consist of anything that can protect someone from physical harm- like a hard hat or a pair of safety glasses.

3 Torch

Sometimes engineers need to peer into hard-to-reach spaces. A torch usually helps with this.

4 Camera

Not everyone has a photographic memory, but with a camera handy- you don’t need one! Engineers often take pictures when they’re on site to get a clearer idea of what needs to be done.

5 Notepad

Notes are always helpful. Most engineers are always carrying around a notepad and pen so that they can remember all their thoughts and keep track of their ideas.

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