5 Ways Engineering Affects our Day to Day Lives

Engineering affects the daily lives of mankind in a huge way. Civil engineers in particular work on the design, planning and creation of many of the structures and services we use every single day, including roads, airports, toilets and more!

We’ve outlined five ways engineering affects your day to day life.

Transport Set-up

Roads, bridges, motorways, railway lines, airport runways and everything in between are down to the hard work of engineers. The UK relies heavily on it’s road system; there are over 245,000 miles of roads in the United Kingdom. Civil engineers work alongside architects, construction companies and geotechnical and structural engineers to ensure all aspects of transportation infrastructures are put together perfectly.


Utility work is an extremely important aspect of engineering work. This can include anything from underground sewage pipes to gas lines, all of which are relied on every day by the public. Engineers design, construct and maintain these utilities and are often specially trained in order to deal with this. They must also carefully plan for things like population growth, land development and technological innovation in the near and far future.


The homes we live in, the offices we work in and the bars we party in, most buildings are designed by civil engineers. Engineers work with development firms, cities and private investors on a range of buildings including fantastic sites like The Shard to your local off-license. Almost every building structure that isn’t a private residence will have involved the help of an engineer.

If you want to have an impact on the world around you, a career in engineering could be the path for you. At GET, we provide work-based learning apprenticeships to young people in the Gloucestershire area.

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