7 Reasons to Study Engineering

Are you a young person considering a career in engineering? As with all career choices, engineering comes with pros and cons, but there are many reasons to study the subject, whether this be through an apprenticeship, degree or other further education.

Engineers are Prestigious

Being an engineer is an admired job title; those who don’t study the subject will be impressed when they hear it. It takes a lot of hard work and effort to qualify as an engineer, so respect from others tends to come naturally.

You’ll Achieve Professional Success

Even if you don’t enter a career in engineering, a qualification in the subject will set you up for professional success. Engineers have logical thinking, critical analysis and decision-making skills that are sought after by many professional careers.

Problem-Solving is a Skill

As an engineer, you’ll be able to count problem-solving as skill. Your training would have allowed you to acquire the skills and confidence needs to deal with all kinds of problems. In fact, you’ll probably start to view them as a challenge!

Financially Secure

As we mentioned, those with qualifications in engineering are likely to find professional success, whether they stay in the industry or not. Engineers are some of the highest-paid workers, with an average starting salary of around £26,000.

Contribute to Society

Engineers contribute to society and the world around them in their everyday lives. Ask your employers or teachers about their previous engineering work, you’re bound to notice the sheer pride they are feeling.

International Skills

If you’re interested in working abroad, engineering is a career that offers skills and knowledge that can be applied in any country or culture. If you’re multilingual, you’ll have an even better chance of combining your engineering training with a foreign country.

Practical Work

If you’re not someone who fancies the idea of being stuck in an office in your day to day working life, engineering could be ideal for you. Whilst some of it does require theory work, it is a hands-on career where you will practice with materials and machinery.

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