Alternative Career Choices for Engineers

Those who possess qualifications or experience in engineering have many alternative job options, both in the engineering industry and entirely different sectors.

An engineer has many fundamental skills, including logical thinking, problem-solving and numeracy, meaning they are often very desirable to other sectors. For example, IT, banking, finance and consulting are just some of the options available to engineers. We’ve put together some alternative career choices for engineers.

Procurement and Purchase

The procurement and purchase department of a company could provide alternative careers for engineers. Engineers may be needed to source technical equipment for the company and will look after the schedules, quality, logistics, quantity and vendor management of the company.

Recruitment Specialist

An entirely new career path could see an engineer becoming part of a specialist recruitment team. Their job could include interviewing candidates and judging them on their technical knowledge. Engineers will need to have strong communication, interview and management skills to be considered for this job role.


Many engineering companies look to hire a consultant to guide them through the technical aspects of the business. Their job role may include scouting new plants, sourcing and installing machinery and looking after equipment and they should have technical experience before applying for a consultant role.


Engineers may be needed as trainers. Their role will be to explain the technical aspects of products to new recruits, customers, dealers and other employees. They will need to handle, install, store and maintain equipment and may be required to travel between establishments.

Technical Writer

Engineers can opt for a career as a technical writer. Their job would include writing on several technological subjects, working to meet deadlines and achieve targets. This career choice is ideal for creatives, though it may not be as well-paid as an engineering job.

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