Apprenticeships Around The World: China

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China has one of the world’s largest growing economies with many job opportunities for natives and foreigners alike. This is especially the case in big cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen.

But are there many opportunities for apprenticeships like there are in the UK? The answer is complicated which is why we’re here to explain just how working life in China works.

Job Market

While there are plenty of jobs around, the Chinese job market is fierce in terms of competition, particularly among graduates, i.e.: people who have a degree. As mentioned, your best chances would be in the big cities rather than in rural areas where things are very different.

Jobs in east coast cities are more plentiful with many overseas companies established here, providing plenty of jobs in the process. These are also where the most English-speaking jobs are likely to be.

Do Apprenticeships Exist?

Being in a Chinese city, you’re expected to leave school and go straight into a university. However, not all Chinese students do this. Some, like in many other nations, go into vocational colleges.

Unfortunately, due to economic growth slowing down, there has been a slight decline in the number of apprenticeships being taken up by companies.

Things are picking up again but the rate is still a slow one and apprenticeships in China are not a big of a deal as university.

Types of Jobs

In China, there are many industries one can get into. There are several major ones to look out for, however, and those include:

  • mining
  • technology
  • textiles
  • transport
  • chemicals
  • consumer products
  • food processing
  • machine building

As you can imagine, Chinese education is very STEM-based with a big emphasis on maths and science. This makes it ideal for engineering hopefuls wanting to progress further in their career.

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