Apprenticeships Around the World: Russia

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How do Russian Apprenticeships differ from those in the British Isles? Not much is known in the West about the Russian education system but, due to the country’s recent history, it does vary quite a bit.

Let’s take a look at how the world’s largest nation handles vocational training of its youngsters.

Technical Colleges

Since the year 2000, Russian vocational training has mostly been confined to college-like institutions to help train those looking to enter a specific field. Before then, vocational training was confined to older institutions that were established before the Industrial Revolution.

The Russian government decided to merge many of these fields together in an attempt to save them. During the former Soviet Union, technical and vocational secondary schools started to lose money, giving them an unfortunate reputation for being a “last resort” option.

Getting a Job

For many young Russians, these vocational courses are their only way of getting a job without having to travel too far for work. The industry is heavily reliant on how easy it is for apprentices to get a job after their training.

In Moscow, for instance, inner-city residents can get free places on such courses, however those in the wider Moscow region have to debate the cost of such a course and whether it would be worth undertaking.

How It Differs in the UK

So, after all that, how do Russian apprenticeships differ from UK ones? The first and most obvious is that many programmes fall under colleges while most UK apprenticeships are more hands-on, placing apprentices in a workplace environment.

The second is cost. This is something UK apprentices never have to worry about. The process for many Russian children, however, is more like the process of studying at university. Depending on your location, you will have to pay a fee to get to course you want to get on.

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