Apprenticeships Vs. Degrees

The steps you take after finishing compulsory education are vital to your future career. It’s important to choose a path that suits you best – after all, this is going to affect the next few years of your life.

If you’re considering an apprenticeship but you’re not sure how they measure up to a degree, we hope you find this post helpful.

Here’s how apprenticeships measure up to a degree at uni:

Apprenticeships offer experience of the working world.

Unless you take a part time job or choose a degree that offers work experience, you’re unlikely to experience the world of work while you’re at uni. Sure, you’ll enjoy a life of late nights, late mornings and cereal whenever you fancy it, but you’ll get a shock once you land your first job! An apprenticeship allows you to practice getting into a good routine and grow your confidence in a work environment.

Apprenticeships give direct training in your area of work.

While a degree will give you knowledge in a field of study, most do not offer training for actual jobs. The theory you learn needs to be put into practice, which often results in graduates taking an internship after uni so that you can learn the practical skills needed for your desired career. With an apprenticeship, you’ll receive this training and learn by doing.

Earn a wage with an apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships give you the opportunity to earn while you learn, meaning that you won’t have to survive on a diet of beans and pasta.

Enjoy a life free of student debt.

Not only will you earn, but you’ll also save money with an apprenticeship. The student loan is the least expensive loan you’ll ever be entitled to, but surely it’s better if you avoid it altogether?

Apprenticeships guarantee employment.

With one in three UK graduates currently in a low-skilled job, one of the biggest challenges faced by university graduates is finding a job in their field. An apprenticeship solves this problem – while you are learning, you are already in skilled employment!

Build business relationships during an apprenticeship.

University is the perfect place for making lifelong friendships, but it is more difficult to develop key business relationships that will help you develop as you start your career. Being in the world of work as an apprentice means you’ll be meeting and forming bonds with a range of professionals who can provide support and advice as you progress.

Apprenticeships are the first step in your career.

A degree gives you a qualification, but no guarantee of progression into a career. An apprentice merges further education and employment, so you’re already on the first step of your career journey. According to statistics on, a quarter of apprentices get a promotion within 12 months of completing their training, and three-quarters are given more responsibility, so if you work hard you’ll soon be flying high!

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