Are Apprenticeships more Popular than University Degrees?

Apprenticeships versus university: it has always been a big debate. Apprenticeships have increasingly become more popular, with many erasing the view that they are not as difficult as a University course. Younger generations are looking into apprenticeships more, they are being advertised more openly and people are realising that you do not need to obtain a university degree to get into the job of your choice.

Not only are apprenticeships good for learning on the job whilst gaining qualifications, apprentices will also be getting paid in the process. Whereas if you study at university, you will have a student loan to then pay off later in life with no guarantee of a job in that sector afterwards.

However, with some careers, you will need to have gained a university degree in that area, for example if you were hoping to pursue a career as a doctor or a vet. The realisation that there are many positives to an apprenticeship has created a large increase in the amount of young people taking the apprenticeship route instead. Both apprenticeships and university degrees are regarded as good qualifications by employers.

Apprenticeships are being viewed as the quicker process to get a foot in your chosen career and begin working your way up. You can start an apprenticeship as soon as you finish your GCSES, whilst university degrees require you to be 18 with A Level qualifications already under your belt.

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