Are Engineers in High Demand?

With technology, science and computing consistently advancing, engineering students and graduates can expect to remain in high demand over the years. The need for engineers has always been at a high, but in recent years the demand has spectacularly increased. We’ve put together some of the most in-demand engineering jobs of today and the future.

  • Software Engineering

Cloud technology and mobile computing has been on the rise in recent years- 4 out of 5 adults own a smartphone- and so brands are learning to operate digitally and develop new systems and apps. The software sector of engineering is dramatically evolving every day, and is therefore likely to produce more exciting career opportunities and high salaries, particularly for those who have an expertise in mobile technology and cyber-security.

  • Aerospace Engineering

With UK residents alone making 12 million visits abroad in 2016, there is an estimated global demand for 27,000 passenger planes and 40,000 commercial helicopters before 2031 alone. Aerospace technology has also seen some rapid advancements recently, and the sector is expected to grow further, generating high salary jobs for those with strong technical knowledge of aerospace systems.

  • Civil Engineering

With the world’s population constantly increasing, so are infrastructure needs. This includes the need for consistent maintenance and construction of new roadways, management of water supply, waste filtration and residential real estate development. Civil engineers can work to build new infrastructures in healthy economies and repair existing ones in recessed economies.

  • Environmental Engineering

There will be a growing demand in the coming years for engineers to apply their knowledge of natural sciences to develop new solutions in critical areas. This will include air and water pollution, recycling, waste management and green energy. Environmental engineers should expect a high salary with a potential to grow and the opportunity to work with the latest technology, helping to implement change and a promising future.

  • Biomedical Engineering

The world’s population is growing at a speed that is quicker than ever before. To meet the needs of the ageing population, medical technologies like 3D printing and micro-electro-mechanical systems are in huge demand. Therefore, there will be a surge in needs for biomedical engineers to help advance the field of medicine.

The truth is that engineers will always be in a high demand due to their line of work, though some sectors will be more in need than others. If you’re interested in an engineering apprenticeship, take a look at our current vacancies here or get in touch with the team via our contact page or by calling 01452 423461.