Can Apprentices Benefit your Business?

Apprenticeship schemes are quickly becoming an extremely popular way for young people to get into the working world, allowing them to gain the skills they need whilst obtaining on the job experience and earning a wage.

Not only are apprenticeships great for the younger generations, they can also be used to train both new and existing employees, creating a loyal workforce that allows companies to fill gaps in skills and give specialised training.

Employing apprentices throughout a business allows the chance to create a loyal and dedicated workforce. The majority of apprentices are aged below 25 years, with many opting for an apprenticeship scheme straight from obtaining A Levels or GCSE’s. With such young employees, business’ are given the chance to shape their employees and help them rise within the business. This means that the company will have employees who know every aspect of the business at all levels.

Many business’ find that engagement levels decrease over time. Hiring apprentices can increase the optimism amongst employees as it shows a want to invest and develop the workforce further. This allows existing employees the chance to be hopeful in regards to their own prospects improving in the future. Not to mention new employees tend to raise the overall morale of employees due to the new face!

A lot of employers are worried that hiring an apprentice will affect the productivity in the work place. Employers tend to see an apprentice as someone who is learning on the job and will therefore need further help from existing employees, affecting their work output. However, studies have shown that a huge 72% of businesses reported productivity had improved post apprentice hiring.

With a huge shortage of jobs all over the United Kingdom in general, many workplaces have an opposite issue where there are a shortage of people with the skills needed for certain jobs. Therefore, skill gaps are likely to arise as companies do not have the right people for the job. Employers are the best people to know what areas need to be targeted, and by employing apprentices, employers are able to guarantee the company is creating a workforce with all the skills needed in the short and long term. By targeting certain skills, businesses are able to continue grow and develop with no setbacks.

It’s vital that company’s see apprentices as an investment in the business, both for the apprentice themselves and the future of the company. Studies have shown that 59% of employers have agreed it is more cost effective to train apprentices than to hire skilled staff. From this, there is also the added bonus that an apprentices skills are uniquely qualified to a specific business.

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