Are you considering a career in engineering? If you enjoyed science, maths or technology at school and would like to pursue a career in this direction, engineering is an exciting avenue to explore.

Want to know if engineering is the right route for you? If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, perhaps it’s worth looking into.

Do you want to improve the world around you?

If you want to do something that makes a real impact on the world, engineering is an ideal route for you. Imagine looking at a railway and knowing that you contribute to the trains running on time – the work that you do can be seen and appreciated in the real world.

Do you want regular work?

There is no shortage of jobs in the engineering industry. A report released in 2013 states that there need to be more engineering graduates and apprentices in the UK to meet the growing need in this sector.

Would you like to earn a good wage?

With graduate engineers earning anything from £18,000 to £33,000 per year, and chartered engineers enjoying salaries from £43,000, you can expect to earn a respectable salary as an engineer. There’s also plenty of room for career progression within most fields of engineering.

Are you seeking variety?

Engineering, in its many forms, is changing and evolving all the time, meaning that engineers are learning and developing new skills constantly. If you’re looking for a job that has variety, engineering is a good route for you to take.

Are you creative?

It’s easy to think that engineering isn’t a subject suited to creative minds. But if you consider yourself creative, you may be the right person! Most engineering roles require problem-solving and different ideas are encouraged, so your creative brain is perfect for a career in this sector.

Are you prepared to work hard for something you love?

Successful engineers enjoy career satisfaction because they love what they do and are, therefore, prepared to work hard and progress. If you feel drawn to engineering but you’re not sure what area you’d like to go into, why not take a look at all the options out there?

Do you want to earn and learn at the same time?

Maybe an apprenticeship is the right route for you. Why not have a chat with a member of our team here at Gloucestershire Engineering Training to find out more about what an apprenticeship entails?