Engineering can be a tough industry. It takes a certain kind of character with specific interests to get into and succeed in. If you’re only half-interested in engineering, then we’d say don’t waste your time.

On the other hand, if you’re seriously considering becoming an engineer, it’s best to know if it’s a role that’s a good fit.

Today, we have a few questions to ask you which will allow you to reflect on your chosen career path.

Do You Like Puzzles and Problem-Solving?

For every engineer, everyday involves some kind of problem-solving. But it takes more than just doing it to succeed. You have to love doing it at the same time.

If you get giddy at the thought of solving a crossword clue or regularly like to solve brain teasers, then you’re in luck!

Engineering fulfills that need, while also giving you the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference.

Do You Love Maths and Science?

It should go without saying that maths and science are central to engineering. If these were your worst subjects at school, then we have a problem.

While you don’t need A*’s across the board, it’s important to get a good passing grade in your GCSE at bare minimum in maths and science to become an engineer.

It helps, also, that you enjoy these subjects as it makes the job of an engineer much, much easier.

Do You Always Want to Know How Things Work?

Ever looked at sophisticated piece of equipment and wondered how it works? You imagine all the cogs turning and try to justify how such a mechanism can help a device achieve the desired effect.

Curiosity is a trait that benefits many engineers, leading to innovation and much quicker problem-solving than without it.

If all these traits sound like you, visit our apprenticeship page to see what engineering courses we have in store for you.