two ladies at job interview

Everyone wants a good game plan when they go in for an interview. You want to impress enough to get the role, but, if you don’t get it, you want to have learned something for next time.

Here are five interview tips that are sure to help you get the role you want!

1 Fun Facts

Get the interviewer’s attention by citing an interesting hobby/book/sport that you’re a fan of. It makes you stand out and having good quality small-talk is good for building a rapport with your interviewer.

2 Body Language

They say communication is 93% non-verbal. Smile, maintain natural eye contact, use hand gestures. Say without words that you’re interested in the role.

3 Predictions

Predict your interviewer’s questions before they ask them. Spend some time researching, you can usually find an expected list of questions associated with the industry you’re applying for.

4 Always ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to interview the interviewer. Ask what kind of team you’ll be working with, whether the interviewer enjoys their role, what kind of development opportunities you can expect to see over the next few years, whether they organise any additional basic training to supplement your career. Ask the interviewer to walk you through a day at the office. This shows the interviewer that you are taking the role seriously and that you care about your work.

5 Your Potential

Come up with something special that you could bring to the role as an individual. Maybe you have an interest in social media and can set up accounts for your new business, maybe you have a passion for photography or videography that you could utilise.

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