The Future of Engineering

A continuous demand for new and innovative technology, products and materials means engineering isn’t going anywhere in the near future. If you’re looking to get into engineering and want to know which types of engineers will be in the greatest demand in the upcoming decades.

How an engineer can help

Engineers apply maths and science theories to their work. The results have profound effects on the world we live in, the way we travel by land, air and sea, the technology we have readily available and the way we are able to overcome issues with health. If you’re someone looking to kick start a career in engineering with the chance to grow, you should think about a course or apprenticeship in engineering that covers the above.

Our Bodies

Engineers in the biomedical department is expected to continuously grow each year at a faster pace than other occupational averages. The focus on health issues has been more current than ever before, meaning we are looking for better health devices and equipment, all of which are designed and created by biomedical engineers.

Biomedical engineers work to create artificial organs, prostheses and devices that can help with diagnosing health problems.

The World

Employment for environmental engineers is also continuously rising as concerns for public health issues and the sustainability of the planet are at the forefront of the publics minds. This means that buildings are requiring environmentally sustainable techniques to use less energy, materials and labour. It’s also important to reduce costs and use less resources, creating a healthier environment for both living and working.

Environmental engineers work to find alternative energy sources and new ways to turn energy into electricity or fuel for our homes, cars and more.


Photonics is an up and coming growth area of electrical engineering. Engineers is this sector could look at how light is used in areas to assist medical diagnostics, data communication and more. Everyday uses like fibre-optic broadband, barcode scanners in shops and laser printers in home and workplaces are examples of how photonics have made life easier.


Computer engineers are constantly in high demand due to the quick pace of change in this industry. Not only are new devices being created to make information sharing more effective, for example mobile and other personal digital assistant (PDA) technology, games and social software engineers are always needed to provide fun and creative options to the public.

Engineering is always going to be a part of the future, whether it be mechanical, electrical, maintenance or any of the sectors mentioned above. If you’re looking for an engineering apprenticeship and would like more information, you can view our current vacancies here or get in touch with a member of the team via our contact page or by giving us a call on 01452 423461.