How to Ace Your Apprenticeship Interview

interview apprentice

We can all agree that interviews can be an anxiety-inducing experience. When it’s an interview which could decide your future career, this tends to put you on edge even more. Fear not, however, as today we have a few tips which could help you ace your apprenticeship interview.

Research the Company

If nothing else, you should always research the company before you show up. While it’s not expected for you to know absolutely everything, interviewers are impressed when you demonstrate a clear knowledge about the organisation which you intend to work for. It shows passion, dedication and keen research skills which are invaluable to a prospective employer.

Understand the Role

In the same instance, you need to understand the role for which you’re applying for. Read the job description carefully and if there’s anything you don’t understand, there’s nothing wrong in calling the employer and asking before the interview.

Dress to Impress

Although your job role may not involve working in an office environment, dressing up in a professional manner will always leave a better impression than your favourite jeans and a hoodie. Again, if you’re unsure, don’t be afraid to call ahead of the interview to ask about it.

Have Questions Ready

It may seem strange but having questions ready to ask at the end of your interview will be a good way to persuade your interviewer to hire you. Asking things like “What qualities make a successful employee here?” shows you’re keen to know more about the role and the company before you join.


Finally, but most importantly, is that you remember to smile! A smile can be the difference between leaving a good first impression or being forgotten as soon as you walk out the door. It shows you are friendly and approachable, and it makes employers much more relaxed if you show how open you can be.

On a more general note, be mindful of your body language overall. Remember to sit up straight in your chair and give direct eye contact. Don’t use body language that shows how nervous you are. Folding your arms, for example, could show that you’re defensive and employers do not take kindly to that.

Now you’ve got the skills to ace your apprenticeship interview, find out more about GET and our apprenticeship programmes by visiting our apprenticeship page!