How Can Engineering Benefit my Future

If you’re thinking of studying engineering, you might be wondering what this will do for your future career. It’s important to explore these options before you start a course or apprenticeship so that you know exactly what you are working towards.

Here are just some of the ways that engineering can benefit your future:

You’ll always be learning and creating

If you’re someone who is curious about the world, you love to create, or you simply don’t want to end up in a “dead end job” – engineering will fulfil all these desires and more. While it takes patience and hard work (you will not be building a bridge overnight), you’ll constantly be learning new things and putting these skills into practice along the way. That’s what’s so great about engineering apprenticeships in particular: they allow you to give things a go while you learn the ropes.

You’re ready for career success

Whichever sector you may choose to go into, engineering sets you up for a good career. The skills you learn while studying engineering, such as critical thinking, decision-making and problem-solving, are exactly what top employers are looking for in their candidates. If you have completed an engineering apprenticeship, you’ll also be trained in a specific role, which means that even if you are not hired by the company you were trained by, you’ll be a desirable candidate for other organisations with the same role available.

You’ll get a good salary

Although money should not be the sole reason you pursue a certain career, we know it’s an important factor to consider. So, if you’re passionate about engineering, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s a well-paid profession. The average entry-level mechanical engineer is paid £28,132 a year, and the average salary for a chartered engineer is £63,000.

You will be in high demand

The Royal Academy of Engineering recently revealed that the UK has a shortfall of around 1.8 million engineers. It seems there are not enough people choosing to study and pursue engineering compared to the number of jobs available. If you’re wondering about your job prospects, you needn’t worry about there being a lack of engineering roles for you to apply for once you are ready.

You will impact the world around you

In any engineering role, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact because engineering involves making things better; whether it’s creating user-friendly software that saves people time, or building a safer road to prevent traffic accidents. Even by filling a role, you are doing a good thing for the British economy, as it needs engineers to thrive. It’s a wildly fulfilling profession that allows you to say you have improved something in the world around you.

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