How Could a Refresher Course Help me?

Whatever industry you may work in, there is always room for refreshed knowledge within all areas of expertise, whether this be compliance, safety, quality, processes or procedures.

The skills we possess can fade over time, most often because we lack regular usage of certain skills as well as technological advances and choose alternative methods. Refresher courses allow students, employees and employers to identify and address certain lack of skills and ensure that they are updated and remain current.

Refresher courses can:

  • Help to retain existing skills and knowledge
  • Keep pace with new and upcoming technologies
  • Help get the best out of employees
  • Keep updated with the latest trends
  • Bridge gaps between employees
  • Employees are failing to complete tasks
  • A poor response to training has been given
  • Employees have an unwilling or indifferent attitude
  • There are frequent accidents happening in the workplace
  • Employees are finding it difficult to accept new concepts

Regular refresher courses are a good idea amongst all industries, though they are often called upon when the need arises. Many companies opt to deliver refresher courses every three to six months, though this varies based on the industry, skills and safety factors required.

Refresher courses are ideal if:

Refresher courses are a great way of boosting self-confidence and morale amongst employees in the workplace. Many employees in all industries find refresher courses well worth the time it takes to keep up to date with skills, knowledge and safety regulations as it can increase abilities throughout the organisation.

Here at GET, we offer refresher courses that are developed specifically to meet the needs of employers and learners. Refresher courses can be delivered at either GET’s training centre or at the employers’ premises. For more information regarding refresher courses, get in touch with the GET team today by visiting our contact page or calling us on 01452 423461.