How Dyslexia Can Help You Succeed in Engineering

dyslexia puzzle piece Dyslexia affects millions across the world and while it may hinder many in the field of reading and mathematics, it also possesses certain advantages which a non-dyslexic person does not necessarily have.

What are these advantages and how can they benefit you if you’re an engineer? Today, we’re listing the biggest benefits dyslexia brings to engineering.


Dyslexics can be extremely creative individuals. This should be a fairly obvious contribution to engineering as there is a fair amount of creativity and innovative thinking involved.

To take some examples from pop culture: Cher, John Lennon and Carly Simon are all great examples of dyslexic creatives who have made a name for themselves.

This is because dyslexics tend to think visually and can process things from many different angles, lending to a more creative outset.

Great Reasoning

The average person with dyslexia struggles with processing a lot of detailed information. This is why they’re great at looking at the bigger picture, making it easier for them to see patterns and idenfity trends.

For engineering, having this skill is invaluable. It can lead to more effective problem-solving and develop things differently than someone who doesn’t have dyslexia.

See Things Differently

A combination of the above, being able to see things differently makes a dyslexic person a valuable asset as an engineer. Not only will you be able to come to solid conclusions quicker, they can gather data faster too, making them skilled inventors and original thinkers.

Take Albert Einstein. One of the most legendary names in physics, he single-handedly transformed the way we look at the universe. He was also dyslexic. We have no doubt that it played a part in his ability to devise the theory of general relativity.

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