How to Find your Perfect Apprenticeship

Finding your perfect apprenticeship needn’t be a struggle. Whilst no one is an instant expert on the range of apprenticeships available, we hope our breakdown of the things you need to know to find the perfect apprenticeship for you helps further you in your career.

The first thing to wrap your head around are the different levels of apprenticeship. We’ve previously written an entire blog post on this subject, but for a quick round up:

Intermediate apprenticeships are best for those who are just starting out in the career and have less than five GCSEs.

Advanced apprenticeships are ideal for those with five or more GCSEs at grades A*-C. The intermediate level can be skipped.

Higher apprenticeships are for those who have obtained two or more A-Level passes. They are a step up from advanced apprenticeships and have less availability.

Once you know the apprenticeship level that works best for you, you’ll need to think about the industry you’d like to work in. Whilst it can be tricky to decide, it’s important to remember that an apprenticeship is just like a real, full-time job. Think about the skills and interests that would suit you as a career. Try to keep an open mind and search opportunities local to you. Try to eradicate options you know you don’t want to pursue, to make things easier.

The next step is to find a suitable employer. Not all workplaces are the same, so think about what sort of environment you’d like to work in. Would you like to work in a large, national or international company? Or would you prefer somewhere small and local to you? Whilst larger firms are likely to have more apprenticeships available, smaller firms will also have some availability.

Applying for an apprenticeship is just like applying for a job, so you might not get the first one you apply for. Competition is high, so just do the best you can.

Taking the time to apply for an apprenticeship is the first step of your future career. Ensure what you’re applying for will help you to reach your goals and help you on your way to your perfect job. Whilst there is a lot to take into consideration, finding the perfect apprenticeship will be well worth it.

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