Exams are a stressful experience for all involved, even for the most organised of people. With all the pressure and panic surrounding exams, it can become hard to revise and prepare as many begin to question if they’re revising successfully. Though there are many different ways to study, there are some rules that will always ensure your revision a success. We’ve put together our top tips to ensure you can revise in the best way possible and smash your exams.

Plan Your Time

When you find out you have an exam you must plan your time. You should know well in advance, so begin to prepare as soon as you can by starting to revise months before the exam, not days! Plan how much time you should spend on a certain topics and when you should take a break. We’d advise you revise for 40 minutes to an hour and then take a 5 - 10 minute break. Make sure you are able to get a full 8 hour sleep, as sleep aids our ability to retain information, as well as being more awake, alert and fully functional.

Get Organised

Once you've planned your time, organise your revision area to ensure you will have nothing to distract you. We’d advise you keep a drink and some food nearby, to save yourself from the possibility of becoming distracted by other people or entertainment. Put away any electronic devices that aren’t needed, and keep a selection of pens, calculators and paper within reach. Finally, ask your family members to respect the fact that you’re revising and ask them to not distract you for a couple hours or so.

Past Papers

A great way of getting a feel for the exam you are preparing for is to have a look at past papers. This will really help you to prepare for the upcoming exam, as well as ensuring you are aware of the sort of questions that could come up. If you’ve taken any notes in class, keep them with you to ensure you’ve covered all topics. Looking at past papers will help get you in the right frame of mind for the exam, and will ensure you won’t be surprised when certain questions pop up!


Although it's much easier said than done, it’s important that you remain relaxed and try your best not to panic and stress throughout this time. Ensure you still make time for yourself, whether you want to socialise, relax or simply do nothing without the worry of revising! Try to make sure you are not focusing on what the results of the exam might be, and instead focus your attentions on understanding and knowing the information you’re likely to be tested on.

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