Innovative Inventions That Are Changing The Engineering Game

The pursuit of engineering has given birth to so many innovative ideas over the years, we hardly know where we’d be without these visionary inventors that make our daily lives so much easier. The smartphone, the laptop, the first transatlantic plane - these were all the brain children of great engineers.

But what new innovations are on the horizon? Here are a few inventions that could test the way we think about the future.

760 mph Trains

This type of transport is the vision of many modern age engineers. This futuristic locomotive would zip over three hundred and eight miles in under an hour. The train would move in a vacuum tube propelled by compressed air and induction motors.

In two years, the chosen site will begin test runs. Could we be taking 15 minute trips from London to Scotland in a few years? Who knows?

Sound Waves That Extinguish Fires

Recently, a terrible forest fire ripped through California - a devastating impact on the local ecosystem that surmounted to approximately $30B in damages. Thousands of firefighters and volunteers struggled to put out the flames- but what if those flames could be extinguished with sound waves rather than water?

Researchers at George Mason University recently tested out a new kind of technology that emits sonic waves, the pressure of the waves disrupts the oxygen supply in the air. The waves from the technology could cut off fire’s oxygen, ultimately causing it to die out. Bass frequencies tend to work best.

Breathalyser Cars

The rate of hit and runs that involve drinking and driving has risen 45% in four years, a BBC news outlet reported just last year. In a bid to combat these offences, engineers have been working on designing a sophisticated breathalyser car that would only run after testing the driver for signs of intoxication.

Personalities for Robots

To help with bereavement or loneliness, the idea of a robot programmed with a human personality has been suggested. Although still a highly controversial topic, a patent was put forward in the USA and it has been a commonly held belief for some time that eventually robots would live amongst humanity.

What would you think of working or living with a human robot?

Induced Sleep to Tackle Insomnia

Now that we have identified the neurons that cause sleep, engineers are working on a technology that would induce these neurons to sleep and wake up. No more unplanned late nights or interrupted sleep schedules, you would be able to control whether you got your eight hours last night or not.

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