Quiz- What Type of Engineer should you be?

If you’re struggling to choose what sector of engineering is best for you, we can help. We’ve put together a quick quiz that can help determine the ideal engineering industry you should pursue. So, grab a pen and paper to keep note of your answers!

Question 1- What was your favourite subject in school?

  • A)Biology
  • B)Physics
  • C)Maths

Question 2- What invention would you have liked to be involved in?

  • A)The mobile phone
  • B)The internet
  • C)The aeroplane

Question 3- What would you like to design?

  • A)Something that protects the environment
  • B)Something that improves technology
  • C)Something that combines science and mechanics

Question 4- How would you describe your thinking style?

  • A)Perceptive
  • B)Problem-Solving
  • C)Logical

Question 5- Where would you most like to work?

  • A)In the outdoors
  • B)Within an industrial plant
  • C)On a construction site


If you got Mostly A’s- Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers tend to think positively about the world. They are likely to have good problem-solving techniques and perception into the environment around them. Environmental engineers help to improve and protect ecosystems, water resources, people and animals from the effects of the world around us.

If you got Mostly B’s- Computer Engineer

Computer engineers are logical and practical thinkers who find it easy to come up with innovative and effective ideas to change the way we deal with technology. Computer engineers design the electronics involved in making hardware for computers, including mobiles and other ground-breaking equipment such as simulations and artificial intelligence.

If you got Mostly C’s- Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineers are optimistic and have big visions for the future. They tend to think about large-scale projects and work well in teams. Aerospace engineers work with the systems and equipment needed to propel and control anything that moves in the air- planes, helicopters and space shuttles to name a few.

These are only three of many engineering industries, so it’s important to look further into other sectors that interest you.

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