Recruitment Tips to Help you Hire the Right Apprentice

When hiring an apprentice, it isn’t just about how the apprentice feels about the company and the job position. As an employer, you also need to make sure you pick someone who is right for your company, is passionate and motivated about the job role and would fit in well.

Job Description

The more specific and detailed the description is of the role available, the easier it will be for the viewer to decide if the role is something that appeals to them. If the company wants the apprentice to have skills or certain qualifications already, then it is vital to state this and ask for proof if invited for an interview e.g. certificates of the grades. With an apprenticeship, unlike a normal job advertisement, you will need to explain what the apprenticeship entails. For example, what they would have to do during this course, how it is graded, work they would need to produce.


You will want yourself and the possible future apprentice to be prepared. Having questions ready to ask them and answers to any questions they might ask you is a very helpful way to keep the interview flowing and get a feel of them and their personality. It is important to create a friendly environment for when they arrive. The more comfortable they feel, the more relaxed they will be, meaning their personality will shine through.

Hiring the Apprentice

Whoever you decide to offer this role too, it might be a good idea to sit down with them and discuss the job and all the s work involved first to make sure they fully understand what they would be doing. Explain how everything works within the company and stick with this employee along their apprenticeship journey.

If you think an engineering apprenticeship would be a good role for you then contact us for more information and available roles.