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As robots get more sophisticated, there is a possibility that they might one day take over the jobs of engineers completely. There are already plenty of welding arms building cars and other complex machinery, completing the job quicker than any human can.

But, even if robots took over entirely, should we be concerned about it? Will it even happen at all? Let’s take a look at the prospects and predict what might happen in the near future.

Increasing Intelligence

Of course, engineers are the ones who design these robots in the first place so there’s a certain irony in their creations usurping their position. You can imagine an almost Terminator-like takeover that involves machines not just taking over jobs, but the entire world.

However, despite the increasing intelligence and sophistication of AI, they still need an engineer to operate. Therefore, you cannot completely rule out engineers as a purely machine-based profession.

A Cerebral Profession

Machines, even if they could be considered sentient, lack the one thing all human engineers have: imagination. Sure, welding a car together is clever, but the task is repetitive and very black-and-white in its process.

True engineering requires innovation. No animals, as far as we know, are capable of abstract thought, so why should a machine be able to create like humans can? So, until robots start dreaming, engineers are safe.

More Creativity

But are machines ready for the imagination-sphere? Even a creative profession like writing is now being produced by machines, with far fewer errors than human writers.

Could the same thing happen to engineers? We still think it’s unlikely but it’s unwise to simply sit back and let it happen.


Overall, robotics is slowly replacing certain aspects of the engineering field, but we believe it is unlikely to replace engineers entirely, if it ever does. Machines, after all, lack the one quality every engineer has: humanity.

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