Take The Apprenticeship Quiz!

Want to look into an apprenticeship but not sure which one is best for you? Why not take a quick Apprenticeship Quiz and find out what you could excel at?

Quiz key:

a) = 1 point

b) = 2 points

c) = 3 points

Question 1: How do you prefer to work?

a) I like using my hands to create and maintain working machines.

b) I like thinking outside the box to contrast innovative designs.

c) I like working as a team to create brilliant designs and software.

Question 2: What materials do you prefer to work with?

a) I like working with metals and machines.

b) I like working with construction materials in the great outdoors.

c) I like working with fabrics, welding materials or technical software.

Question 3: What invention would you have liked to have been involved in?

a) A bionic hand with touch sensors

b) Predictive software

c) Personal Computer

Question 4: If you could help mankind achieve one thing, what would it be?

a) Fully functional robots that can help humans work.

b) Bridges and monuments that can heal themselves of abrasions.

c) Hologram technology in personal devices.

Question 5: If you could meet any famous person, who would it be?

a) Nikola Tesla

b) Gustave Eiffel

c) Henry Ford

If you got…

6 points or less- You would make an amazing mechanical engineer! Mechanical engineers can work on robotics, transport or power and processing. They are integral to the engineering field as creators and thinkers.

7-10 points- You are a civil engineer at heart! Civil engineers are the innovators of construction and public constructs. The creations of visionary civil engineers have helped set engineering progress forward by years.

10+ points- You should seek out a manufacturing engineer’s apprenticeship. Manufacturing engineers are responsible for such great innovations as the telephone and the lightbulb. If you end up with a career as a manufacturing engineer, you could be responsible for the next great engineering invention!

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