Tips for Getting your CV Noticed

Many people apply for hundreds of job every month only to find their CV is getting them nowhere. Here at GET, we know how important our CV’s are to employers, and exactly what it is they’re looking for. Update your CV and become irresistible to potential employers with these following tips!


Using keywords in your CV that stand out to the role you are applying for are noticed instantly by employers. Studies have shown that recruiters take approximately six seconds looking at each CV, which isn’t a lot of time, meaning they need to see the right words instantly. Read the job description you’re applying for thoroughly as they often list the exact skills that are needed for the role. Then, you can go ahead and ensure your CV reflects the skills needed.

Avoid Clichés

A simple Google search brings up millions upon millions of results for words that shouldn’t be included on your CV. Whilst this doesn’t necessarily narrow it down, we would advise you avoid any cliché words. Remember that most recruiters won’t look at your CV for more than six seconds, meaning you’ll need to get to the point immediately with evidence that can prove your point in an instance.

Cover Letter/Personal Statement

It’s important that you don’t just assume an employer will see how your experience relates to the job you are applying for. Why not take the time to write a short personal statement or cover letter to explain exactly why you’re the best person for the job? Putting in more effort for the job you’re applying for will help to prove to the employer how much you want it!

No Mistakes

Whilst recruiters don’t spend a long time looking at individual CVs, any mistakes that are noticed are often an instant ‘no’. If you’re unsure, use a spell checker on your PC or ask a friend to double-check what you’ve written. Your CV could be ideal, but with spelling or grammar mistakes, it doesn’t look great!

No Lies

It’s a common myth that everyone lies on their CV. It is extremely vital that you don’t do this. Obvious lives on your CV can get you in a lot of trouble, dependant on what you have lied about. You could be caught out with white lies during the interview process too, creating an awkward atmosphere and potentially ruining your chances. Ensure your entire CV is the truth and the truth only! Besides, all employers want to hire someone who is trustworthy.

If you’d like further help with getting your CV perfect for a job role application, we can help you! For more information, get in touch with a member of the team today by visiting our contact page or by giving us a call on 01452 423461.