Top 10 Reasons to Become an Engineer

If you are wondering about the right career path for you, you could find that engineering is a prosperous choice. You may be surprised at the paths engineering can lead you down, it’s not all construction and building sites; engineering can lead to a career in the medical field or economics – it is a widely diverse profession to choose.

There are plenty of reasons to become an engineer and we have taken the time to list our top 10 reasons why below.


Being an engineer means you get to use your creativity every day, you have the opportunity to come up with solutions to problems that others may not have even considered - you must be innovative to be an engineer!

You make an impact on the world

Engineers have the biggest impact on the world over any other profession, they work to come up with solutions to global warming, machines that can help the ill and even better the transport systems we use every day. If you want to make a difference in the world, engineering is for you.


As engineering is such a universally sought after occupation, you have the opportunity to work anywhere in the world. Maths is a language spoken by all, so if you want to travel the world and make money along the way, having an engineering qualification is a great idea.

High salaries

Another bonus to working as an engineer is that it is a highly paid job, in fact in some countries the engineer workers are the most highly paid, even ahead of doctors! As engineers are so widely needed throughout the world, you will find that the salaries are consistently high.


If you hold one type of engineering qualification, this doesn’t mean that you are stuck in one department of a company. An engineering qualification will allow you to move from sector to sector as lots of areas will need you.


As an engineer your day to day will never be the same twice. You will find that one day you might be out helping in the build of something whereas the next you could be in front of a computer developing ideas and programmes. You will never be bored working as an engineer!


There is lots of opportunity within engineering to advance in your career and quickly too. You won’t find yourself caught in one stage of the company for long if you show the right skills and desire to progress.


Engineering gives you the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals such as lawyers, scientists and even government officials. You will never be lonely as an engineer and you have the opportunity to be introduced to all sorts of other career paths on the way.


As an engineer you have the opportunity to work with some of the top companies in the world, the knowledge you gather whilst working under these businesses can help you to learn other skills on the way – this may lead to you starting up your own company in the future.


A career as an engineer is highly reputable, people recognise the difficulty in the work and the importance of it in the world so you will be respected by employers and rewarded for good work.

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