Top 10 Reasons to Employ an Apprentice

Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly popular all over the UK. In 2015/16, there were 509,400 apprenticeships started up in England; 9,500 more than the previous year, with job roles ranging from legal services to banking and engineering. How could an apprentice help your business grow, and what qualities can they bring? We’re here to tell you the top 10 reasons why you should invest in an apprentice for the benefit of your own company.

10. Energy, Enthusiasm and Motivation

Most companies often forget that apprentices are not working to earn a big cash sum. Instead, they have enrolled in the job to pick up and learn valuable skills needed for their future careers, whether it be within the same company or not. In order to be able to understand and develop the skills needed, apprentices will need to have a real passion for what they are undertaking; driving them to work to their full potential and produce amazing results for your company.

9. Improve Your Workforce

The age group of apprenticeships is mostly made up of young people. This means that they can bring something new, exciting and energetic to your workforce, and essentially improve productivity. As well as this, they can bring new and more up-to-date skills that can help how your business works. Whilst you are teaching them the important skills needed, it is vital not to forget that apprentices are able to give something back.

8. Cost Effectiveness

Apprenticeships are considered to be an excellent investment, with 59% of employers agreeing that training an apprentice is cost-effective. At the end of an apprenticeship, most apprentices are offered a full-time job with the same company, which therefore makes the money that went into the apprenticeship more valuable. If not, the company has still made their time worthwhile by training and making their resourced available for the future of their business.

7. Fill your Skill Gaps

Apprentices are able to bring skills that are specifically needed for your business. This means taking on apprentices that tailor to your businesses needs can improve the rate of production and combines each employer’s skills to complement each other as employers and apprentices work as one.

6. Give Back to the Economy

By hiring an apprentice, you are helping to fight back unemployment and build a future workforce. As well as this, research shows that consumers who discover you employ apprentices are often impressed by the fact that you are devoted to helping young people. This could mean that consumers would rather do business with companies that can demonstrate a sense of social responsibility over firms that do not.

5. You can attract the best new talent there is to offer.

Most people who choose the apprenticeship route are hoping to maximise and validate their skills in a specific work sector. Therefore, they are willing to showcase what they have on offer to gain a place in your company. You may find yourself face-to-face with the exact skill set you are looking for and find apprentices who are not familiar with a working environment, meaning they cannot transmit over any old work ‘habits’ and can be tailored and trained to meet the needs of your company.

4. Benefit your Business

Apprentices can benefit your business in many ways. From the staff education provided for by reputable training organisations to apprentices’ ability to increase staff loyalty; apprentices can be a valuable part of your team that will boost your businesses performance and become valuable members of your workforce.

3. Improve your Bottom Line

As companies receive funding for each apprentice they take on board, this means that they do not have to spend as much to recruit new staff. Training apprentices is known to be more cost-effective than hiring already skilled staff, as this can lead to lower overall training and recruitment costs. By hiring apprentices, productivity in the workplace can be enhanced which benefits the company as a whole.

2. Apprentices can be tailored to Specific Job Roles

Whatever is missing in your business, you can be sure that an apprentice can fill the role, as apprentices are easily flexible and can be tailored to your needs. This means that hiring an apprentice will enable your business to work more efficiently as you can be positive there is someone fulfilling each role in the business.

1. Embark on a learning curve

Not just for the apprentices’, but for the whole company; employing an apprentice can teach a whole workforce new skills. Workers can validate their business skills and apprentices’ can gain the confidence and talent needed in their chosen sector, meaning the whole company benefits from an apprenticeship employment.

Here at GET, we offer a range of engineering apprenticeships that are exciting and diverse, and may as well be what you are looking for. Check us out to see exactly what we have on offer. If you are interested in either hiring, or becoming an apprentice in the engineering sector, contact us here for more information or give us a call on 01452423461 .