Top 10 Skills Employers Value Most

Applying for jobs and attending interviews can be an extremely stressful experience. You want to ensure your CV is the best one your potential employer will see, so it’s important to get it right. Employers appreciate a number of skills, but we’ve put together the top 10 that you should incorporate into your CV for it to really stand out.


Communication is an extremely vital skill for any job. Being able to communicate verbally as well as through writing in an effective way is crucial for any place of work. You’ll need to work with a variety of people, including work clients and other team members, so ensuring you are able to communicate on a level that is easy for everyone to understand is a vital aspect of work life.

Team Work

All jobs require working well as part of a larger team. Even if the job you are applying for is very independent, it is likely that at some point you will need some team working skills. For example, if you build an item on your own, you will still need to work with others in a way that communicates what it is you’d like them to do, whether it be testing what you’ve built or asking for feedback. Managing a team in an effective way is a great way to show your employers that you have the ability to handle your own responsibilities and others.

Problem Solving

Showing your employer that you have what it takes to deal with a variety of different problems is a great way of ensuring you will be able to deal with anything your job throws at you on your own. Problems will always arise whatever industry you get into, but being able to deal with problems quickly and in a sensible manner ensures that you will be a great asset to any company.


Organisation skills ensure you are able to deal with your work by prioritising it effectively and productively whilst still managing your time and workload in the best possible way. If you can show your employer that you possess organisation skills and don’t dip in and out of different tasks, they are more likely to trust and employ you.

Work Under Pressure

Wherever you work, it’s highly likely that you are going to be put under pressure. Showing your employer that you are able to cope well, remain calm and continue to deal with workloads even when you are under pressure can often be the reason you do or do not get a job. Those who get stressed and overwhelmed under pressure are unlikely to go far in their interview process.


Many employers are constantly on the lookout for people who have the sheer motivation and perseverance to continue work and not deter from any challenges that their job may entail. Employers want and need people who are able to show this level of commitment, so think of ways you may be able to ensure this on your CV.


Whether or not you’re going for a managerial role, it’s vital that you still show you are willing and able to lead and motivate those working around you. Are you happy to lead a group of people? Do you enjoy taking control of team work? This also shows how an employer looks for teamwork skills and how able you are to lead a team to success.


Having the ability to negotiate with workmates is a great skill that many employers like to see. It’s vital that you are able to use your initiative and put ideas forwards, but you must also have the ability to understand consider other ideas that may work better then what you have suggested. Being considerate and listening carefully to those you are working with can mean you are able to find the best solution to your problems in the quickest way.

Commercial Awareness

Commercial awareness means that, as an employee, you have a full understanding and awareness of the business you are working in. It’s vital to know the business’ current state as well as an understanding of how the industry works and how it can potentially improve and develop further. Your employer is likely to ask you questions about the industry and company during your interview, so researching beforehand is vital.


Wherever you work, whether it is with the public or in a small, tight knit team, all employers will need you to be confident within yourself. If not, they may assume that you are unable to work in an effective manner in a team or in the position you are applying for. Your interview is the perfect chance to show that you are a confident person who is willing to put ideas forward, manage teams and get work done in the best way possible.