The Top Engineering Jobs in High Demand

Whilst engineering in general is an industry that will constantly remain in high-demand, some of the different sectors of engineering are in higher demand than others. If you’re interested in studying engineering or pursuing it as a career, you can expect these engineering careers to remain in high-demand over the next few years, and decades.

Software Engineers

With cloud and mobile computing technology continuously on the rise, more and more people are needed to operate and develop the new systems and applications. Software is developing rapidly and career opportunities in this sector could be exciting and well-paid to those who possess the right skills that are needed.

Aerospace Engineers

It is estimated that over 29,000 passenger planes will be needed by 2032 in order to combat higher air traffic and replace older airplane models. Like software, aerospace technology is also continuing to grow rapidly, and engineers with strong skills in aerospace systems and problem-solving can expect to earn high salaries as an Aerospace engineer.

Environmental Engineers

Environmental changes are constantly needed to adapt as society changes. Environmental engineers are in growing demand to combat air and water pollution, recycling, waste management and green energy. Employees can expect to work with cutting edge technology to help implement serious changes and can expect a high-median salary.

Biomedical Engineers

As humans, we are living longer and longer. The average life expectancy is around 81 years old in the UK, and the ageing population means there is greater need for innovative medical technologies like 3D printing and micro-electro-mechanical systems. Biomedical engineers have the skills that are needed to advance the field of medicine.

Civil Engineers

With rising population comes rising infrastructure needs. Civil engineers are needed to maintain and construct new roads, manage water supplies, waste and real-estate. Civil engineers help to build new infrastructures in healthy economies and repair existing ones in recessed economies.

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