Top Jobs for Maintenance Engineers

Maintenance engineers are needed in a variety of businesses, particularly when there is machinery and equipment that are needed to run smoothly. They can work within a variety of industries including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and more, though they are most likely to find job offers within manufacturing, production and engineering companies.

A large part of a maintenance engineers job role will involve servicing, maintaining and repairing any machinery and equipment. This could be doing the fixing work itself, or organising servicing schedules to ensure everything is working correctly and assigning the relevant workers to work on them. It will be your responsibility to consistently check all equipment to ensure it is running as it should be and at its utmost ability. Quality control inspections will also be your responsibility to run.

Once you have worked your way up to a managerial role, the job changes slightly. As a manager, it will be your responsibility to supervise maintenance engineer fitters and technicians. It is the fitters job to service and repair any faulty equipment, whilst the technicians job is to continually maintain equipment and ensure a smooth operation.

A maintenance engineer, whether in a managerial position or otherwise, would also need to report any issues to the project managers within the company. Most work for a maintenance engineer will consist of preventative maintenance, though they will sometimes be needed to perform emergency care in cases of broken down machines or equipment.

An advantage of being a maintenance engineer is that they have the chance to work in a number of sectors and industries. For advanced work and higher salaries, a maintenance engineer can work their way up to a managerial role.

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