Top Jobs for Mechanical Engineers

A hugely popular and in-demand career choice, mechanical engineers are highly paid individuals with a variety of job options available to them.

The more training a mechanical engineer does, the more they can expect their annual salary to be. Apprentices who learn on the job tend to have more experience than those who have completed a degree, and employers see this.

We’ve put together three of the highest paid, top mechanical engineering careers to help inspire you on your job search.

Mechanical Design Engineer

The job of a mechanical design engineer is to research, test, design, manufacture and develop all kinds of machines, engines, tools and devices.

A mechanical design engineer plays a huge role in the production process for engineers as it is their responsibility to ensure machines are running as they should be. Mechanical design engineers can also look after a businesses workforce, budgets and equipment.

If you’re someone who enjoys and is good at designing parts and equipment layouts, a career as a mechanical design engineer will be well suited to you.

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Senior mechanical engineers work closely with upper managements of the industry. They will collaborate with other members of the team, including the business development, engineering, operations and quality control departments, and may be responsible for aspects of project management.

Their main responsibilities include ensuring all regulations and procedures are met; this includes safety, environmental and security policies. They are also likely to play a part in hiring new employees.

To conclude, senior mechanical engineers act as a project leader and coordinator for staff members and the company’s management.

Senior Mechanical Process Engineer

To be a senior mechanical process engineer you will need at least 10+ years of experience, but it’s a great aspiration to hopefully achieve one day in your career.

They will work as project managers for larger projects and will be expected to prepare and evaluate design sheets, technical specifications, 2D and 3D drawing as well as technical and financial reports. It is vital for senior mechanical process engineers to be familiar with a range of software and technologies.

The roles of a senior mechanical process engineer will vary between businesses, but they can also expect to oversee project bids and supplier proposals.

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