Transferable Skills Learnt In Education

There’s a common misconception that the skills you are taught in traditional education are not actually that helpful in employment or just day-to-day life. In actual fact, your time in education can give you a lot of valuable lessons and develop essential attributes that make you a great employee.

In apprenticeships, you learn whilst working, meaning that everything you learn in education has to be practiced in your employment.

We’ve put together a list of skills that you’re going to be learning without even realising!

Accountability & Responsibility

Taking accountability and responsibility for your work is essential within education and employment. When in education, you may not realise it but there are a lot of things that you have to be accountable for. Whether it’s turning in your work on time, or completing your part of a team project. You are held accountable for your work.

In employment your role is specific and you have a responsibility to ensure that your role is fulfilled. Taking accountability for your work, whether it’s positive or negative, demonstrates to your employer that you are willing to answer for your actions. This also makes you a reliable employee.


This is a key skill within your employment and your education, one that you probably don’t realise you are developing. This is done through making friends, getting to know peers, and being able to distinguish types of communication between people with different levels of authority.

There are multiple levels of communication that you will start to learn about and develop during your time in education or whilst training as an apprentice, including writing, speaking, and perhaps the most important - listening. Developing these skills is essential for your employment, and future employers are likely to look upon these skills very highly.


Teamwork is probably a skill that you have started to develop from an early age, whether during lessons or in the classroom. This is an essential skill in employment, as it allows for work to be split within a company, making the workload a lot more efficient. When working in a team, you are also able to begin self-assessing the work you and your team are doing. As you are all responsible for the project, you are more likely to ensure that the tasks you are not responsible for, are completed to a high standard to match that of your task.


This is one of the most valuable skills that you will learn throughout your education, one that will not only help you within your career path, but also your daily living. This skill is highly important within an apprenticeship role in particular, as balancing your job role and studies is tricky, but necessary.

A crucial part of organisation is time-management, another essential transferable skill that you will learn, which will be developed during your time in education, especially if you are balancing a job with your studies.

Apprenticeships at GET

All of the skills above are some that you will take away from your time in education, but one of the best ways to ensure that they are practiced is to undertake an apprenticeship. Having the opportunity to put into practice what you are learning into your career of choice. If you’re interested in a career in engineering and manufacturing, you can get in touch here!