What Are The Benefits of Refresher Courses?


No matter how educated you think you might be in your field of expertise, there is always room for refresher courses.

It is only human to forget things, after all, and when you don’t apply the knowledge you have learnt every day it can be even more difficult to remember the finer details.

This is where refresher courses come in handy. They address a lack of skills in a certain area and help fill them in.

Whether these gaps revolve around safety, compliance, process or procedures, the importance of a refresher course should never be underestimated.

Below, we’ve assembled a list of some of the benefits of undertaking a refresher course.

Builds Better Memory

Memory, like a muscle, needs to be used frequently in order to be strengthened. The best way to do this is to test how long we can remember something before forgetting.

The more time passes, the harder it becomes to remember, which is why a refresher course is integral to improving long term memory.

Having employees recall information that they might not have thought about for several months is a good way to do this and only by refreshing their memory on a semi-regular basis will they be able to retain the information.

Reduces Mistakes

If there has been a significant increase in the number of avoidable mistakes being made within your organisation, a refresher course could help reduce these.

For instance, if employees aren’t following the processes set in place for them to accomplish a task as quickly and efficiently as possible, it could be because they don’t entirely know what the process involves.

This should be corrected and doing so will increase productivity by an enormous amount. After all, practice makes perfect.

Good Transition

For those who have taken a break from the organisation, a refresher course can help ease them back into the role which they’ve spent time away from.

This is particularly relevant to employees who have gone on maternity leave or take extended sick leave. It can also apply to students for similar reasons.

Every organisation can change within that time, with newer and more efficient procedures which they have doubtless missed out on.

It’s important, therefore, to bring them up to speed. A refresher course is a perfect solution for this transition. It can also be a good excuse to check if everyone else is up to speed as well.

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