What GET Course is Best for you?


If you’re looking to get your foot into the engineering industry, a course or apprenticeship with Gloucestershire Engineering Training could be what you’re looking for. At GET, we have a range of courses and apprenticeships to suit your needs and help you get your foot in the industry.

Choosing to go for an apprenticeship scheme is a great way of learning whilst in a true working environment. This includes earning a wage and working in a team with real colleagues within a business. GET has a fantastic reputation for providing great training within the industry, with tutors who have previously worked in the engineering world to give you the best preparation needed.

Any individual who opts for an apprenticeship with GET will benefit from earning practical skills within the industry, as well as mental, classroom teaching. This allows you to gain the abilities needed within all key areas required for a career in the engineering industry.

Once a GET engineering apprenticeship has been completed and all modules passed, learners are then completely ready to go on and enrol in skilled positions in a huge range of engineering roles. GET offers a fantastic training centre with huge workshop space, perfect for practical engineering training. GET Engineering apprenticeships are a great way of helping learners when it comes to the time to move into the industry as an employee.

GET also offers an advanced apprenticeship in Engineering for those who wish to continue into higher education. The GET Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering is a level 3 programme and will take a minimum of 36 months to complete.

At Gloucestershire Engineering Training, bespoke additional courses are also provided. If you’d like a programme tailor-made to you, get in touch with the GET team to discuss your requirements and develop a personalised proposal.

Short, introductory courses are a great way to get into the engineering industry without committing to an apprenticeship. These courses are much shorter than a standard apprenticeship and can cover anything from manual handling to computer aided design. If there is one part of your apprenticeship you’d like to recover or refresh on, this is the course for you to be able to do so.

Any individual looking for a basic understanding within electrical maintenance or mechanical appreciation can undergo a foundation skills course. This is the best way to get to know these areas before a job role or before you continue your studies further.

GET offer a whole range of different courses suited to everyone. To find out more about what could work best for you, get in touch with a member of the team by giving us a call on 01452 423461 or by visiting our Contact page- we’d love to help!