What Higher Education is Right for me?

There are now a variety of routes into Higher Education. With so much available to young people, they need to be aware of all the possibilities, whether this be apprenticeships, university or studying abroad.

Foundation Degree

A foundation degree is a qualification that combines academic study with work-based learning. These degrees can be studied full or part-time or via distance learning.

They are the ideal choice for students who are unsure about taking a full degree, or if you want to study whilst you have a job. Foundation degrees allow you to obtain professional and technical skills within a shorter time frame.

If you wish to further your studies with a full degree after your foundation degree has come to an end, you can do so.

Full Degree

A full degree is subject studied full-time at university and you will obtain a degree at the end of it. UK degree courses tend to be very specialised from day one, allowing students to focus on their chosen subject.

Upon leaving sixth-form or college, most students who choose to go to university will study for an undergraduate degree. Upon completion of this, they can study for a further year as a postgraduate student, obtaining a master’s degree.


For the many students who do not wish to continue their full-time studies, an apprenticeship could be the ideal choice. Apprentices are employed by businesses and will spend around 80% of their time working and 20% studying.

There are different levels of apprenticeship. Most schemes will only last around a year, but others can take up to 5-6 years to complete, particularly if they are degree apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships allow students to earn whilst they learn, gaining real, on-site knowledge and experience that can help to further their career. Whilst it’s not guaranteed, many employers choose to employ their apprentices once they have gained their qualifications.

If you start your apprenticeship before your 19th birthday, you will receive 100% of the fee from the National Apprenticeship Service.

Studying Abroad

Students do not have to stay in the UK when it comes to their studying and higher education. If they want to obtain a degree, studying in Europe could mean they have cheaper university fees when compared to the fees in England.

Europe isn’t the only option; students can study abroad all over the world, whether it be the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland or otherwise.

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