What is IoT Engineering?

In this new day and age, when it comes to technobabble, many phrases can be lost, even on the most tech-savvy individual. Everything is so fast paced that it can be difficult to keep up, which explains why some terms might slip under the radar.

The same goes for IoT engineering. The average person would more than likely scratch their heads and wonder what precisely this entails.

Well, today we’re going to make things easier and let you in on what exactly IoT engineering is about.

What Does ‘IoT’ Mean?

IoT itself stands for “Internet of Things”. It’s quite a literal name as it describes the interconnectivity of numerous machines and pieces of hardware connected to each other via the internet.

This can be anything from mobile phones, to cars, to planes, to smartwatches and even lightbulbs. In this age when Amazon Echo and Google Home are becoming more and more popular, ushering in the age of the “smart home”, IoT Engineering is more important than ever.

How It Applies to Engineering

Some may question what the interconnectivity of numerous machines has to do with engineering? We don’t blame them; something as intangible yet semi-physical as “the internet” can be hard to grasp as something that would need tinkering with like an engine.

However, it is an extremely complex form of engineering precisely because of that. It involves a lot of scientific knowledge and complicated mathematics to make it work effectively.

And just think. Without this field of study, your iPhone would never be able to connect to your smartwatch or your TV.

Real-world Application

Learning about IoT engineering could be extremely beneficial for one’s career, especially given how things are in today’s market.

In our view, it should become an integral part of every engineering course. But this may take some time to come into fruition.

In the meantime, check out the courses we currently have on offer.