What makes someone an Engineer?

Engineering is a very broad term, and in fact there are at least forty different types of engineering. The definition of an engineer is “a person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines or structures”. Whilst this is an accurate description of some of the types of engineers, it is limited. The huge diversity of people, cultures and tasks involved in engineering means it is difficult to find one definition.

All engineers will have shared characteristics, perform similar duties and think alike. We’ve put together some of the things that make someone an engineer, regardless of the industry.

Curiosity and Intuition

Almost all engineers think about and perceive the world in the same way. Most engineers are curious to the extreme; thinking about how things work, why things are done a certain way and if there is a better way to do it. Engineers use a mathematical and scientific understanding of the world to see how things and actions are done. Curiosity and intuition is what drives engineers forward, as well as modern technology and innovation. Curiosity comes natural to most engineers, but can also come to them through exposure and training.

Engineers DO Things

We’ve previously compared engineers and scientists. Though the two work in similar fields and are exposed to similar things, they both do very different jobs; engineers do what a scientist dreams up. Engineers do things, they are active not passive and will act instead of think. Engineers demonstrate doing things in a variety of ways, whether this be designing new systems, machines and equipment or coming up with solutions to problems and implementing them. This is what makes engineers valuable to the continued operation and success of many industries.

An Interest in the Future

Engineering is responsible for all aspects of modern society. Just by looking around you, you’re unlikely to find anything that isn’t the product of engineering in one way or another. Almost everything is a result of mass production and engineering. Going forward, future innovations and advances in technology and society will all be down to engineering. Engineers throughout the world are working on designing sustainable production, new consumer products and home technology innovations every single day.

These are only some of the aspects that make an engineer. Here at GET, we provide work-based learning in engineering and train apprentices in mechanical, electrical, maintenance, welding and fabrication engineering.

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