What Qualifications Do I need To Study For An Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship much like jobs too will have specific entry requirements that you need to be hired. But do not panic, apprenticeship entry requirements do not rely solely on qualifications they also take into consideration experience and background in the career you have chosen to delve into. For example, the job description usually highlights any skills you may need as well as qualifications. So please bear in mind and don’t think everything is about grades, it may change depending on what role and company you are applying to.

Generally speaking most apprenticeships will require you to have three GCSEs, however as mentioned above other factors will also be taken into consideration if potential apprentices do not meet this requirement. Employers don't want to miss out on a potentially good apprentice and therefore will look for other information like, commitment, effort, experience etc.

What Is Required - By Each Level?

Level 2

This is equivalent to GCSEs and the only actual requirement is the applicant’s age (minimum of 16). Employers may ask for a demonstrable interest in the area covered by the apprenticeship, as well as the ability to complete it.

Level 3

This is equivalent to A-levels and employers will typically need GCSEs to be considered for this role (usually three or more, particularly in English and maths). Relevant experience will also be useful.

Level 4

Equivalent to a foundation degree. This is where potential employers will look for GCSEs and level 3 qualifications, such as A-levels, or their equivalents, such as a BTEC.

Level 5

Equivalent to the first year of a bachelor’s (university) degree. This is usually the same as level 4 but with a definite requirement for previous experience/minimum qualifications in relevant subjects.

Level 6

Equivalent to the further part of a bachelor’s degree. This is usually the same as level 5 and 4 but again with a definite requirement for previous experience and relevant qualifications.

Level 7

Equivalent to a master’s degree. What is needed is a bachelor’s degree or equivalent level 4 qualifications, with a number of years of previous experience.

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