What Should You Expect From Your Employer?

Employers are there to provide you with the environment in which you can learn the skills and requirements to enter further employment after completion. If you are new to an apprenticeship role you need to know what to expect from your employer, we’ve put together a few points that you should be aware of.

Your Role

Your employer should give you a role which enables you to gain the knowledge, skills and behaviours you need to achieve completion of your apprenticeship. It should be a role that you feel combines learning in the workplace mixed with informal off-the-job training which usually takes place outside the normal working environment.


Your apprenticeship should last a minimum of one year with the company that has employed you. On a weekly basis you should be working 30 paid hours a week or more. This will include any off-the-job training you are required to undertake- exams or training. Make sure your employer gives you a contract of your employment either before or on the day you start your employment. This will include the hours you are expected to work and the duration. Throughout your employment regular meetings and contact with your employer and yourself should be consistent, in making sure you are meeting expectations and feel relaxed in the role you are in.

Getting Paid

Making sure you get paid at least the national minimum wage of £3.50 for an apprentice is so, important as that is a legal requirement of what is expected from your employer. This may seem low but you need to remember that you are learning on the job, an apprenticeship acts as another option to replace going to university. The skills and life experience you will earn whilst at your apprenticeship is invaluable and will benefit you in the long run!


To successfully complete your apprenticeship your employer will have an assessment plan which you will need to pass in order to satisfy the requirements of the exam. When you have successfully completed your apprenticeship you will be awarded a certificate. They way in which you receive this will depend on the type of apprenticeship you complete. Make sure your employer explains the assessment and certificate process with you.

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