What Skills do Engineers have?

Engineering is a hugely popular career industry that offers employees great earning potential, job stability and personal satisfaction. With many different sectors of engineering available, the demand for skills and knowledge can be high.

Aspiring engineers will need some form of educational qualifications, whether this be in the form of a university degree or apprenticeship. Engineer employees will also need to demonstrate several skills to ensure they are ideal for the job at hand.

We’ve outlined some of the skills needed by engineers in order to excel in their chosen industry.


One of the main roles of an engineer is to solve problems by using new and improved ways to apply existing knowledge. Many people are attracted to a career in engineering due to its creative element, though those who are less creative can also make fantastic engineers.

Attention to Detail

Engineering projects are often extremely complex and detailed. Mistakes at any part of the project could result in failure and thus potential loss of money, or worse. It’s important for engineers to pay close attention to detail always to avoid detriment to the project.


Engineering relies strongly on concise, clear and accurate communication amongst all who are involved. Engineers must communicate with colleagues, clients and often the public, who will not have the same level of technical background, so it is vital engineers are able to translate their knowledge into terms that are easy to understand by everyone.

Leadership Skills

Engineers will often have to manage projects, and will therefore need to obtain leadership skills as they delegate tasks, organise teams and coordinate complex processes. As an engineer’s career progresses, they are likely to become responsible for managing and motivating other engineers and team members.


As an engineer, it’s unlikely that you will work alone often. You will work alongside a wide range of employees to bring projects to life. Engineers should work collaboratively alongside one another, applying skills, setting goals and prioritising issues.

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