What Skills make a Good Engineer?

Engineering is one of the fastest-growing industries for young people and graduates in the world today. It offers great earning potential, job stability, personal satisfaction and much more. However, it is not a career choice open to anyone.

Besides the educational background needed to pursue a career in the industry, engineers should possess a set of skills.

Creative Thinking

Engineering is predominantly solving problems. This means engineers are needed to figure out new and improved ways to apply their knowledge, through creative thinking.

Attention to Detail

Engineering projects require superb attention toe detail skills; a small mistake made at any point of the process can result in a failed end product.


All engineers should have fantastic mathematics skills. They will often be needed to solve numeric problems before entering figures into a computer.


Engineering is hugely technical and relies heavily on good communication between colleagues, clients and the general public to ensure projects run smoothly.


Leadership and management skills are very important for engineers because they need to be able to delegate tasks and organise large groups of people whilst tackling complex processes.


Engineers must know how to successfully work in a team, set goals and prioritise issues. They should have the character and integrity that other people can trust.

Do you possess any of the above skills? Are you interested in pursuing a career in engineering? An apprenticeship could be the right career path for you.

At GET, we offer work-based apprenticeships for young people in the Gloucestershire area. Whether you’re interested in maintenance engineering, mechanical engineering, welding & fabrication or electrical engineering, we can help.

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