When should I start Applying for Apprenticeships?

With the new year quickly approaching, you may be hoping to start an apprenticeship in 2018. Many apprenticeships will begin in September, as does the school year, there is no set time of year for them to start, so it’s important to keep an eye out all year round.

Like jobs, apprenticeships depend on when an opportunity becomes available. Researching and applying early for popular industries is a great way to ensure you don’t miss out.

Though you cannot begin a full-time apprenticeship whilst in full-time education, it’s a great idea to be prepared and start the researching and applying process for those apprenticeships that start after the school year has finished. However, some apprenticeships will require specific entry requirements, meaning you may not be accepted onto the apprenticeship program until after these have been achieved.

Those wishing to take part in an apprenticeship scheme should keep an eye out for National Apprenticeship Week, which takes place in the UK every March. The week works to bring together employers and apprentices throughout the UK to celebrate the success of apprenticeships and encourage more people to choose apprenticeships after school. It is around this time that many employers will begin to advertise apprenticeship vacancies.

It can be difficult for young people to decide what kind of apprenticeship they want to do, including the level of the apprenticeship and where it will take place. Many people opt for a location close to home, though there are schemes available that include homestays. There are companies all over the country that offer apprenticeships and some sectors will be better represented in certain regions, so it’s important to thoroughly research.

At GET, we provide work-based learning in engineering. We train apprentices in mechanical, electrical, maintenance, welding and fabrication, as well as offering a dual skill programme for employers who require multi-skilled individuals.

We’re constantly updating our vacancies page with the latest apprenticeships, so keep an eye out for any vacancies relating to your engineering industry of choice. If you would like more information on how we can help you, get in touch with the team today via our contact page or by calling us on 01452 423461.